You’ve already decided that you’d like to work towards a drug-free workplace, and you know that the best way to do this is to get everyone involved in a positive way.  Having a safe, drug-free workspace for your employees can help increase productivity, decrease accidents, and positively affect company morale!  These are all great benefits, but many employers avoid setting up drug testing protocols because they appear to be more hassle than they are worth.

At America Drug Free, we know that you’re looking for testing solutions that meet your budget, all while minimizing the time taken from a worker’s day.  For this reason, we offer on-site drug testing through the use of instant sample cups; we also have mobile collection services for samples other than those collected by the instant cups.  Our goal is to make sample collection as quick and easy as possible – your employees won’t even have to leave the office or job site!

Time Savings

Traditional drug testing would require that the employees travel to an off-site location, such as a clinic or other registered facility.  This not only takes time from their workday, but it also creates a liability issue if they are on the clock as they travel to the collection location.  In addition to this, transportation from the collection center to a separate laboratory responsible for processing the test results means even more waiting time.

No MRO Calls

Since our samples aren’t sent to a separate laboratory, no one will be reviewing the tests and calling to take time out of your day.  Medical Review Officers are bypassed and there’s no need to get one involved unless you or the employee wishes them to be.

Monetary Savings

Paying for traditional drug testing services is more costly, due to the types of tests they run.  These tests have to help cover the costs of the large laboratory setting, as well as transportation costs from the collection center.  With our instant test cups, costs are minimized and the product is very easy to keep on hand; you may even be interested in buying in bulk to save money.

For drug tests that require a different kind of sample than the instant cup can read, we have mobile collection points that can transport samples, reducing the cost from that of traditional drug testing methods.  Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a drug-free workplace on your budget; mobile collection services can be a great way to keep collection discreet and professional, all while saving money.

In summary, drug tests are a necessity if you want to begin to facilitate a drug-free workplace.  Fortunately for you, we offer on-site solutions that can help alleviate time constraints, reduce travel for employees, remediate liability concerns, and meet your budgetary needs.  America Drug Free is here to help you determine which options are best for you; simply give us a call to chat with one of our specialists.  We look forward to becoming your drug-free workplace solution!