Are you a small-to-medium-sized business owner in the Metro Atlanta area? If so, you may be considering setting up a drug testing policy to help mitigate some common drug-related workplace issues. In this post, we’ll take a look at each of these problems and why a substance abuse policy – combined with random onsite drug testing – might be the best solution for you.

Why You Should Have a Substance Abuse Policy

Reduce Absences

Employees who enter into a working relationship with an employer know exactly what is required of them. If you clearly display that you have a substance abuse policy from the onset of hiring individuals, the expectation will be set. Your job listings will not attract those that are likely to call in or be absent due to substance abuse problems; people who need gainful employment are going to respect your policy.

Discourage Concentration Problems

Every substance abused by humans is mind-altering in some way. This is because they provide the user with a “beneficial” or enjoyable high (or low, in some cases). These alterations to one’s thoughts and feelings can cause concentration and attention issues at best – speech and motor control delays and seizures at worst.

Mitigate Peer Isolation With a Substance Abuse Policy

Those under the influence of drugs or who are abusing alcohol will likely isolate themselves. This is usually out of fear of discovery, but may also be due to negative thoughts brought about by the substance itself. Having a substance abuse policy goes a long way in developing the sort of company culture you have envisioned.

Lower Productivity Issues

Again, mind-altering substances tend to have an impact on how well an employee can get their job done. If substance abuse isn’t an issue at your workplace, you’ll know for sure that any productivity issues are not being caused by substances.

Reduce Accidents and Errors

Finally, and perhaps the most important, a substance abuse policy will help you reduce workplace incidents of all kinds. Nearly every substance in a standard 5 or 10-panel drug test will cause delays or cognitive issues of some kind. By enforcing a random, onsite drug testing policy, you can easily dissuade drug abuse.

Developing a Substance Abuse Policy

You can start out by taking a look at another Atlanta business’s substance abuse policy. However, our team of experts here at America Drug Free can also help point you in the right direction. The goal is to develop a policy that is strict enough to deter use but lenient enough not to discourage new applicants. It’s a balancing act that you’ll need to figure out for your own business.

When developing your policy, it may be helpful to keep some things in mind; you can get a wealth of knowledge and information from, The National Institute on Drug Abuse, and NCDAS.

Onsite Drug Testing in Atlanta

If you’re looking for onsite drug testing services here in Atlanta to help you as you develop a substance abuse policy for your business, get in touch with the drug testing experts at America Drug Free today! We can help you plan random onsite drug testing and go over your different testing options.