Here at America Drug Free, we’re professionals; your test results are our highest priority, regardless of your reason for ordering them. Whether you’re an employer, a concerned friend, a parent or a guardian, we know that it can be helpful to have discreet services like drug testing offered outside of a hospital. We’ve created our services with the patient in mind; our lab specialists are available so that patients don’t need to make unnecessary trips to a clinic.

With our services, your information won’t be added to a medical record unless you wish to share the information with your primary care physician. We also operate our lab outside of insurance, so there are no hoops or extended waits for reimbursement.


We offer a variety of panels, including drug testing for major illegal substances and alcohol consumption. Drug testing can be done in a variety of ways (urine, blood, nails, and hair) through different types of samples – these options allow you to choose what works best for you and your situation. If you’re looking for a panel that gives you a more extended view of drug history, consider options such as nail and hair testing.

Instant vs Laboratory Screens

Some of our tests can be performed instantly, within the presence of the patient, guardian, or employer. For example, drugs like alcohol, marijuana, some opiates and barbiturates, amphetamines, and cocaine can be detected quickly (within seconds) via a urine sample. However, if detection back multiple days or weeks is required, samples will need to be collected and returned to a laboratory for diagnostics – this can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours.

Consult Us
Not quite sure what will be required for your situation? We’re available for free consults; simply call us at 678-360-5757 – one of our lab specialists would be glad to help you identify what you need for your business, home, or office use.