As you are probably already aware, drug detection screenings come in many forms, and they can detect all kinds of drugs. However, drug detection periods for each drug differ, too. Here at America Drug Free, we recommend on-site drug testing with urine panels for all of our clients. They’re not only cost effective but they can also detect the majority of drugs that your employees might be using in a timely fashion.

Today, we’re going to learn a little more about drug detection periods and how you can catch employees within this window with on-site drug testing, thereby protecting your job site and the rest of your employees. Let’s dive right in.

What Factors Affect Drug Detection Periods?

There are many factors that affect how long a drug stays in the body (and how it can be detected). Some of these include the:

  • Frequency of use.
  • Person’s metabolism.
  • Type of drug.
  • Person’s age.
  • Amount of drug used.
  • Person’s health.
  • Person’s hydration levels.
  • Type of drug test.
  • Person’s body fat percentage.
  • Time since last use.

What Are the Drug Detection Periods for Common Drugs?

In our five-panel urine drug test, amphetamines can be detected for up to seven days after initial use, opiates for up to seven days, and cocaine can be detected for up to two weeks with heavy use. It will also catch PCP for up to 30 days after use in heavy users and the same for heavy marijuana users.

Our ten-panel urine test adds alcohol (24-72 hours), benzodiazepines (up to ten days), barbiturates (up to three weeks), methadone (up to three weeks), and propoxyphene (up to nine days) to this list. Our ten-panel test also measures creatinine in the urine to crosscheck a test’s validity.

Now, obviously, there’s a huge time frame in some cases, but as the last dose grows further and further away, negatives are more likely. However, as an employer, your real concern is “are they still under the influence now?” And that’s where drug testing prior to the start of work is important.

Why Choose On-Site Drug Testing?

Working with an on-site drug testing service can help your business catch and stop workplace drug abuse well within the window of detection. There’s no other reliable, quantifiable way to identify whether an employee is under the influence when they enter the workplace. Wouldn’t you rather prevent an accident than react to it?

America Drug Free: Put a Stop to Workplace Drug Abuse With On-Site Drug Detection

Here at America Drug Free, we work directly with you to help you stop workplace drug abuse – no matter where your employees work. We can come directly to construction sites, excavation areas, and more. Add a line of defense for you and your employees today. Contact our drug testing experts today to get a free consultation. It will be one of the best things you do for your business!