Drug abuse is more common than you think, and it would be detrimental to assume that every employee that arrives at your Atlanta or Snellville construction site is completely sober. Unfortunately, all it takes is one worker under the influence to cause an accident – or even kill someone. As the owner of your small business (and the payer of insurance), it’s in your best interest to ensure that your workers are clean and sober. Let’s take a look at a little-known drug called dextromethorphan, or DMX.

What Is Dextromethorphan (DXM)?

DMX is a drug commonly used to fight coughs and colds. Under normal dosages, dextromethorphan isn’t harmful and it doesn’t alter one’s state of mind; however, at higher doses, DMX can cause hallucinations, confusion, convulsions, and dizziness. DMX abuse isn’t necessarily the most commonly abused drug, but it can cause an issue on construction sites and within other jobs that require heavy machinery or precision work.

Why Is DXM Dangerous to Your Small Business Workplace?

Dextromethorphan is found in small doses within cough medicine, but when ingested at high levels (200 mg and more), DXM becomes a hallucinogenic drug that can cause out-of-body sensations. Users of this drug may experience trouble with depth perception and fine motor control, making precision tasks nearly impossible. While overdose on this drug is difficult, high doses can alter a user’s state of mind enough to cause life-threatening accidents.

Is There a DXM Drug Panel?

While DXM doesn’t show up on a standard 12-panel, there are tests available that can test for its presence in the body. If you suspect that your workers may be using or abusing a drug like dextromethorphan, it can be helpful to have tests on hand (or a technician onsite to handle testing for you). This way, you can very quickly identify any workers that are not sober, send them home, and protect the rest of your employees.

Since DXM isn’t a controlled substance, in the same way as illicit drugs, your course of action against an employee using dextromethorphan may differ.

Onsite DXM Drug Testing in Atlanta & Snellville

Here at America Drug Free in Atlanta, we offer onsite drug testing services for small businesses and construction companies in the Snellville area and surrounding towns. You can help our communities stay safe and drug-free by testing your employees for drugs like DMX. Dextromethorphan may not be an illegal substance, but it can affect how your employees do their jobs and how they interact with the other workers on the job. 

For more information about scheduling onsite drug testing for your small business, contact the professional technicians at America Drug Free. We can help you find a reliable, affordable drug testing solution that suits your Atlanta business’s needs.