When it comes to physical labor like construction, plumbing, transportation, and other jobs, it’s incredibly important for workers to be able to do their jobs effectively. Substance use can negatively affect an employee’s ability to focus and react to normal stimuli; when working with large and dangerous machinery, this can be the difference between life and death. When other drug testing services have indicated substance abuse, it’s common to perform a blood drug test to confirm or deny that an employee had been using.

What Is a Blood Drug Test?

A blood drug test is a type of drug testing tool that uses a small collection of the employee’s blood. This vial must be collected by a qualified professional who is trained in drawing blood samples. A blood drug test sample is usually anywhere from 0.5 cc to 2.0 cc in volume – not much blood is required for this test.

Blood Tests vs. Other Drug Testing Methods

While this type of drug testing method isn’t as common as the others, it certainly has its benefits. For example, blood drug tests can detect some substances for up to three days after they enter the body; blood tests can often get a positive identification right after drug inhalation or injection, as well. A final benefit to blood drug testing is that (usually) plenty of blood is drawn so that repeat tests can be run on the same blood sample.

Why Aren’t Blood Tests as Common as Others?

Quite simply, blood drug tests cost more and take more time. They also require that a qualified, trained professional draw blood from the employee. Blood drug testing may be more reliable and harder to adulterate, but the benefits don’t always outweigh the cost for most employers.

Why Might a Blood Drug Test Be Required?

The most common reason a blood drug test may be required is simple: other tests were not available or were ineffective for the situation. In addition, some insurance claims may require you to provide a positive or negative drug screening – we all know that blood drug tests hold up best in court. If there is a serious accident or injury while an employee is on the job, it’s best to cover all of your bases right then. Get a blood drug test that can be used if you need to file a claim.

Benefits of Onsite Blood Drug Testing

It can take time for an employee to get to an off-site testing facility, not to mention dangerous for someone who is under the influence. In order to get the best, quickest results, America Drug Free recommends that you hire an onsite blood drug testing service. This will make your job easier and reduce the likelihood that employees will adulterate samples. For more information about onsite drug testing, check out this previous post.

Drug Testing in Atlanta

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