Big cities are always teeming with new construction, road work, and remodels.  These jobs drive increased demand for heavy machinery operators, contract builders, and construction companies.  However, in jobs like these especially, workers need to be completely sober in order to do their jobs safely.  Random drug testing is a tool that is regularly used in big cities like Atlanta.  Is your business looking for random drug testing in Atlanta? Let’s take a look at what random drug testing is, discuss the benefits of random testing, and discuss why onsite drug testing may be best for your Atlanta business.

What Is Random Drug Testing?

Random drug testing is a drug testing process that selects workers at random.  This eliminates bias and ensures that your employees don’t feel “called out,” but it also maintains a high level of deterrence and compliance.  Employees never know when a drug test will be required, encouraging sobriety at all times.  For maximum effectiveness, every aspect of your random drug testing policy should be randomized: the day of the week, the time of day, and even the type of test used.

Why Have Random Drug Testing in Atlanta?

It Deters Drug Users from Applying for Your Jobs

As we’ve discussed in a previous post, companies that have drug testing policies (specifically random drug testing) have fewer drug users who show up to interviews.  Someone who uses and abuses substances like alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, dextromethorphan, and other drugs will be less likely to apply for a job that will randomly test its employees.

Random Drug Testing Helps Keep Your Workers Safe

It’s no surprise that having workers under the influence will create a more hazardous workplace.  Alcohol alone, a controlled rather than illegal substance, can cause motor control delays and decrease responsiveness. When working with heavy or dangerous machinery and chemicals, it’s extremely important that workers are sober.

Drugs Affect Productivity

This is also a well-established fact. Sluggishness and altered mind states due to drugs can affect how well your workers problem-solve and address their work. When workers are sober, they are better able to focus on their duties and perform them appropriately.

It Will Deter Developed Use at Work

Everyone talks about drug testing when hiring employees, but few people talk about a company whose employees develop a drug habit after they’ve been with the company for a while. Random drug testing will deter this type of behavior in your established, reliable workers.

Random Drug Testing Encourages a Healthier Workplace

When you take a stand against drug use, your workplace environment will change, too.  Having a strict policy about drug abuse opens the conversation for other health-conscious topics.  When employers care about their workers’ well beings, a more enjoyable, positive workplace culture is created and maintained.

Onsite Drug Testing in Atlanta

Here at America Drug Free, we offer random drug testing onsite.  This means that we come to you, and bring the equipment necessary for sample collection.  Onsite drug testing is incredibly popular because it doesn’t require your workers and employees to travel to a separate facility for sample collection.  When it comes to setting up a random drug testing policy, onsite drug testing is really the way to go.

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