Atlanta Onsite Drug Testing

Are you looking for Metro Atlanta onsite drug testing services? At America Drug Free, we are on a campaign to enhance productivity and reduce costs for businesses of all sizes. You can eliminate drugs in the workplace through our onsite drug testing services. Call us today to learn more or for a free consultation or quote!

Atlanta Onsite Drug Testing Services

Large and growing companies in Atlanta, GA, and across the country are often in need of drug testing services for their employees. When this becomes a necessity, there may be increases in payroll and expenses that follow. Here at America Drug Free, we aim to provide the services you need at reasonable prices. This will help you minimize external sourcing for drug testing. Our drug testing services include, but are not limited to: pre-employment, return to duty, and reasonable suspicion. We also offer observed collection, periodic medical, post-accident, follow-up, random, etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to secure the workplace. Drug testing can help you reduce liability, increase productivity, and secure a safer workplace. This all works to help you be more competitive in the global market.

Certified Testing Results

Testing Results are certified by the Medical Review Officer (MRO).

Benefits of a Drug-free Workplace

  • Receive a 7% discount on Worker’s Compensation Insurance Premiums
  • Drug-free workplace in Georgia
  • Drug-free employees have fewer accidents resulting in fewer claims
  • Companies with drug-free employees frequently have fewer turnovers
  • Drug-free workplace injury claims are generally less severe
  • Drug-free employees have fewer absences from work
  • The number of U.S. firms that initiate drug-free workplace initiatives increase by 20% each year
  • Drug-free employees are more effective communicators with employers

We make Drug-free certification simple!

Step 1: Have a Substance Abuse policy. We provide FREE Policy.
Step 2: Conduct (limited) drug testing. We have discounted drug tests.
Step 3: Conduct Employee Education each year. Newsletters & monthly training sessions make it easy.
Step 4: Conduct Supervisor Training. We show you at NO COST.
Step 5: Have a resource list of treatment centers. We provide a FREE list.

Customer Reviews

Bryan Cole
Bryan Cole
It was a very good experience , I would recommend this place to everyone , very friendly and they get your results back in a timelyannor very professional
This place is highly recommended for services for testing. The proprietor of this business shows great professionalism and present the turnaround of your test results very rapidly.
John Hull
John Hull
Curt was extremely responsive and very professional! He follows through with his words! Highly recommend his service!
Shana Parker
Shana Parker
Thank you Curt for your quick response in an urgent situation. Your demeanor and professionalism was very much appreciated. Thank you for continuing to follow-up while testing was under review by the Dr. Would definitely recommend America's Drug Free.
Very fast and efficient service! Owner is also a people person.
Veronica nelson
Veronica nelson
Great customer service and professionalism!!
Patrick White
Patrick White
Excellent Customer Service. We depend on pre-employment drug screening as well as ongoing testing for all our employees. The America Drug Free company has always delivered sound testing methods and made it easy for us to accomplish transparent results. I highly recommend this company to do all our screening utilizing all the latest technologies available in today's HR challenges.
Dylan White
Dylan White
Quick concise and professional courtesy. Curt even caught me before I left to let me know I dropped my chapstick.
Joyce Franklin
Joyce Franklin
Excellent customer service and fast results!!!

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