Benefits Of A Drug-free Workplace

  • Receive a 7-12% Discount On Worker's Comp Insurance Premiums For A Certified Drug-free Workplace In Georgia.
  • Drug-Free Employees Have Fewer Accidents Resulting In Fewer Claims.
  • Drug-Free Workplace Injury Claims Are Generally Less Severe.
  • Drug-Free Employees Have Fewer Absences From Work.
  • Drug-Free Employees Are More Effective Communicators With Employers.
  • Companies With Drug Free Employees Frequently Have Fewer Turnovers.
  • The Number Of U.S. Firms That Initiate Drug Free Workplace Initiatives Increase By 20% Each Year.

We Make Drug-free Certification Simple!

  • Step 1: Have A Substance Abuse Policy. We Provide FREE Policy.
  • Step 2: Conduct (Limited) Drug Testing. We Have Discounted Drug Tests.
  • Step 3: Conduct Employee Education Each Year. Free newsletters and monthly training sessions make it easy.
  • Step 4: Conduct Supervisor Training. We show you at NO COST.
  • Step 5: Have a Resource List of Treatment Centers. We provide FREE list.